Cost of Living in Christchurch

Hello,  My wife and I are looking to move to Christchurch with her job.  She hopefully will be earning $1100 a week after tax.  Our daughter would be coming with us.

Is her initial wage enough to pay all of our bills as I would then be looking for work. 
What is the job situation like in the city.  I am a former member of the Armed Forces and have various qualifications.
We would be happy to commute into the city if this saved us money.
Your help is much appreciated.

Try this site for cost of living

I would say once you are established, it's definitely doable, but will be with its challenges.  We moved about 18 months ago and found that it tapped into our savings quite a bit, as in general things cost more, and payments are typically weekly, so floating time is tougher.  We have been able to replenish our savings, mind you, but was glad it was there to cover us while we were adjusting.  Rent for us was weekly, as was our electricity.  We bought gas tanks, which was about $150-200 and lasts roughly 6 weeks.

As for finding a job, the key is networking.  Someone told us that when we got here (neither of us had jobs to begin with), and it was so very true.  Go to meetup groups, networking events.  We are still very construction minded, so if you have experience with that...shouldn't have too much trouble.

Wishing you all the best!

I forgot to mention that we would be bringing with us around $220000 - 250000 in savings

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