Procedure in Egypt for work permit


I had a question regarding the current procedures and laws for foreigners to get a work permit in Egypt?
How does it work exactly?


Hello CharlottePauwels

Obtaining a work permit in Egypt it’s kind of complicated process and in most of case it’s need a legal assist from the employees ‘s firm or from independent lawyer , about the conditions and producers I can say briefly : 

According the decree that issued at 2015 The foreigners working in Egypt should to obtain a permit from the Ministry of Manpower or other state bodies to legally work.

the permit will grant foreigners will ability to work for a year or less in Egypt. The permit will cost applicants 3,000 LE in their first year, however if they choose to renew their permit annually, the fee will rise with each passing year reaching a maximum of 12,000LE starting from the fourth year.

the decree also states that it's prohibited for foreigners to work as tour guides, belly dancers, exporters, and custom officers.

I think it'snt complicated matter I think just you need to use your passport as a ID no more I think that

Hi All

i can't belive what you saying in your answer Mr.mohamoud , are you a professional lawyer or did you make such things before like work permits , visas ... etc . I'm sorry but i had to say that you words are totally misleading and for you or for anyone asking this a list of required documents here in Egypt to get your work permit as foreigner for 1 year or less

  -   A valid passport (with valid Egyptian residence status)
  -   7 passport-size photos
-    Two copies of your employer’s incorporation contract
  -   Two copies of your Tax ID card (which you will likely need to obtain from another office – officials at the Ministry of Manpower should be able to direct you to the correct location if this is the case)
  -   Two copies of your academic qualifications (such as university degrees and professional certifications; this can also include letters of reference from past employers)
  -   A copy of the commercial register (from your employer)
  -   Any licenses required for practicing your profession (have both the original and copies, just in case)
  -   A memorandum from your employer explaining why it is necessary to hire a foreigner rather than a qualified Egyptian citizen
-    Approval from the Authority related to your profession (e.g. Investment, Petroleum – you and your employer will have to obtain this through the office of that Authority)
    A representative from your employer who will “sponsor” your work permit
  -   Proof of test showing you are free of HIV/AIDs
  -   Approval from Egypt’s State Security Service showing that you are not a threat to national security or public safety (this can be obtained through a division at the Ministry of Manpower and Training office)

i think this doesn't seems complicated at all as you said in your answer

Mahmoud tony :

I think it'snt complicated matter I think just you need to use your passport as a ID no more I think that

Please do not post unless you are very sure that what you are stating is true.
It may get someone into trouble with the authorities in Egypt.

What you have said, is in fact, not true.

Thank you very much for the information!

Hi it is prohibited for importers not exporters sir

I recommend to finalize such like procedures in GAFI " General Authority For Investments" as investor, hence it will be more easier than issue a work permit at Ministry of Man Power directly.

All mentioned true.
But, not complicated. Just follow the RULES.
Thanks for all.

Hi i need to get my workpermit, you can help me. How long it will take,

It depends on the strategy that we will proceed, and if we have all required documents.

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