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I'm Kirsty I'm planning on moving to Phnom Penh in December.
Just wanted to know what Expat Health insurance other Aussie passport holders have and if you got it with an Australian company before you left?

Thank you

Hi Kir_Sty.
I'll be moving to P P around the same time, am still looking for insurance myself, no have none from Australia. I  live in India at present, here no problem, hospitals are cheap, or good Government hospitals, excellent care are free. So Cambodia will be an eye opener.

I just found this one... Allianz. Not completely sure but it reads well and has same benefits as other more expensive ones. under worth a check

Just an update for Allianz insurance. I just spoke with them after reviewing the policy and these cheap travel insurance plans are only for a max of 45 days. The elite plans goes for 90 days under a different website at

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There is a good family health insurance in Cambodia. No age limit and even cover pre-existing conditions! However, it is only a family health insurance which means that you have to have at least 4 members in your family in order to buy it.

Hi, I am an international insurance broker in Asia.

I do have a plan with local Cambodia policy issuer and direct billing at some private clinics in PP (such as Princess Clinic and Royal PP Hospital). Very convenient.

The premium depends on the benefit level you choose. If you want to take a look at it, you can message me and I'll send the proposal to you.

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