Erst bank in Vienna phone number

The several Erste Banks in Vienna have one main phone number . To call from Canada where I live I dial 011 43 50 1002 0111 . I get a message in Austrian, I tried pressing different numbers on the phone , zero too, but no human comes on.
Now I scroll down on their web site and they have a number for English speaking people , it is shown as 05 0100-0111 . I dial it by putting 011 and the country code 43, in front but an engish message tells me it is invalid .
I thought maybe the Austrian speaking number and the English one were similar but the English had 05 instead 50 in front , but that didn't work either .

Aug 15 is The holiday in Austria , but can someone speaking Austrian please call the working number and ask for the correct number for English speaking clients ?

I'm looking for a bank I can have around 10,-15 thousand Euros in ,and an ATM card to make withdrawls as I roam Europe. Europe .
Their website seems to have low value accounts for students and people like me.
Thank You ,

Why are you putting 011 first?

It should be only 00 43 5 0100  20111

Expert Team

Thanks ,
I thought that was what it should have been ,( the 0 and 5 were misplaced ) but it does not work, the message comes up saying the call can not be completed .
If you are in Austria can you try calling it to verify if the bank still has it as their number ? 
The website may not be updated.

The number works 05 0100  20111

But when you are calling from abroad you drop the first 0

Thus having +43 05 0100  20111

+43 5 0100  20111

There must be a number to call for those in another country, I don't bank with them so I don't know.  I will find out tomorrow as I am just on the way out.

Thanks SimCityAT,
Here in Canada we always put 011 in front of any international number . I use it all the time , then the country code ,Austria is 43 .
Oh Yes , I remember now trying to send a fax to Austria long ago , and how frustrating it was because I added the 0 as the web site showed . I don't think I ever sent the fax, but did discover I needed to drop the zero.
And that's why the bank number was 43 50 thus no zero, and I reached the bank , just that I didn't understand Austrian.
Thank You , Nick

well ive had enough !!
I called the 43 5010000111 number and some one tried interesting me in points , I wrote down the "code " gave me 55206086044 , we have lowlifes here in Canada too.
All I can say at this point is I'm sick of trying to contact the Erste Bank .
Please don't offer any suggestions .

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