Female friendly fitness classes

Hi, I'm looking to join some women's only fitness classes either indoor or outdoors.

Anyone know of any?

Lady Fitness
1073 Budapest
Erzsebet Krt. #19

Hours: 7:30 am to 8:30pm

I used to attend classes here a few years back before they had a big remodel.
At that time none of the classes were held in English, not sure what's going on there now.
At the time I was going there almost daily they had allot of  step classes and general fitness classes.
It was fun but I left HU and when I returned they had turned into a yoga studio and the prices were insanely high.
Forgot how pricey but over $150. per month depending on if one wanted a massage or not.
After they closed down once again, they were out of business for a very long time.
I noticed about 18 months ago or so that they have reopened and are using the old name of Lady Fitness again.
It looks nice inside from what is shown online, I am sure their prices have gone up since the time I was a member , no idea what they are charging now.
Used to be able to buy a daily or monthly pass which they would punch as used.
I actually was curious myself as to the new pricing and what sorts of classes are offered. My knee had surgery since I was a "jumper" so I have changed my workout style and do my thing at home.

Hi, I already know of this gym. But they charge a membership fee and class fee too which turns out to be quite expensive. I will keep them in mind though.
Thanks for the info

Sounds like most gyms in the US a membership fee and then monthly fees.
I at one time was a member at 2 different gyms in Las Vegas with access to over 40 some locations around town.
One gym after memberships fee was only $12. a month for life.
and the other only $21. a month.
I am sorry to say I cancelled both memberships when I moved to HU, wish I had at least kept the $12. a month gym because they were nation wide good t use in all 50 states.
These sll had pools, classes all day long, men and women's areas ans well as common areas, showers, snack bars the whole deal , even indoor running tracks. Not going to find such a facility in Europe I do not think because of the size of the building, these gyms were a large as city blocks with free parking.
I am not sure if this other ladies only gym is open or not. It is called if my memory serves me right, Color Gym. Located in the 5th district near the Puskin Movie House.
Never went there to check it out though.

Still looking :)

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