International School Exam Papers

Is it a standard policy for international schools in not allowing school exam papers to be brought back home? My son is in year 7 (IGCSE syllb) and the only time I get to see his exam papers is during the parents-teachers meeting. But the little time allocated is only enough to flip through the papers.

The Deputy Principal informed me the reason is because they don't want parents to scrutinize or dispute the grades or answers corrected by their teachers. I don't think this is a valid reason to give and   the said reason probably only represents a small percentage of parents.

Is it the same policy for IGCSE learning centres as well? Tq.

As a teacher, this seems very unusual to me. We often keep assessments at school (so they don't get lost) but if a parent wanted to look closely at a paper, I would always let the student take it home and/or give a copy. You *should* be allowed to scrutinize the papers if you wish! I have worked at 5 international schools and none of them would refuse to let parents look at assessments in detail.

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