School for my 5.6 years old son

We are moving from India to Brussels on 21 August for short term , My husband here will be working with carrefour IT organization Address: Avenue des Olympiades 20, 1140 Bruxelles, Belgium.

I am looking for a school for my child and also he is US citizen (just if any school provide some fees discount), Can someone please help me finding better school near the above address,I also want him to learn french as it will be good exposure for him but English will be my top priority as me and my husband dont know French

Thanks in advance.!!

For local free public schooling in French (don't do Dutch in that area, 5% speak Dutch, a terrible environment and nothing after school in Dutch and schools which struggle with the lack of Dutch speakers and with very poor outcomes for children academically, all recorded in PISA reports) is available. I've posted the public schools map several times on other threads.

For English schools, no privilege per nationality (I'd certainly not advertise that nationality in this climate), again I've posted the private schools map several times. You will need a minimum of 10k per year. You will struggle to get good exposure to French even at the schools which label themselves as bilingual, might be simply best to concentrate on a school you can financially pay for. The nearest private school to that area is BISB and most children are now Indian/Pakistani ethnicity at this school with parents working in IT in the area you are working, you'll need at least 16k from memory per year.

Good morning schoolmun,

Thanks for sharing with us info /tips on school system in brussels..

My 4 year old  son speaks fluently french and english, he was in a mintessori international bilingual school in africa..Now that we are in belgium I am looking for a neederlands school for him if possible bilingual (NL/EN or NL/FR) we live in laeken.


Your son will not get a place in dutch school. All full. You can double check enrolments but they are full. 

You can pay for the only private bilingual school French dutch in the country called Agnes school in etterbeek, but there will be 20 French speakers and zero dutch speakers in the class so your child will have only reacher exposure to Dutch.

You're best to follow advice and look for a place in a public French school.

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