Moroccan Spouse.

I decided to get married but never in a million words thought of an Arab lady, I don't hate Arabs but I detest the attitude of those I met. I was drained with fear that staggatered through my soul during my profound and esoteric search of a life partner.
I met her, yes I mean her. She's Moroccan, fair in spoken and written English. I cared less because of the bloody lies painted on Moroccan women.
We got to know each other better, albeit language was a little friction. Been experienced in human behaviour especially of women coupled with my exposure to different nationalities around the world, I derived the uniqueness of this lovely lady within few hours which  were loyalty, trust, caring , loving , jealousy and euphoric fate.
I proposed to marry her within hours that we met she called me crazy, I told her it was real. I gave up hope of proposing my  American and French ladies as I found what I wanted, the only question was will she ever like me? been black was my major emphasis, I was bloody wrong with my so called advanced expression of who I am. Later that night she squizzed to have agreed after skimming my intention, I was flattered and honoured. I commenced the legal paper process which was an exercise worth remembering. I made it to Morocco, I met her for the first time and fell in love more with her, and her family and town-I was indeed warmth received.
I finished the paper work within 16days and got married to her.
I learnt a lot so far, she's a woman of substance, someone I can call a life partner. Her family, oh goodness, they are respectful and dignified by nature. They made me a son with no objection, the whole scenario was virtual magica to me. I prospere with aspiration and hope with the wife I called 'home', her life is my life, we are one now.
A life with my wife has given me courage and ability to appreciate humanity from the other side of the world.

Wife if you read this, know that I love you without limit daily. I will be there for you until end- unconditional!

Moroccans are great!

This really touched my heart
I can't wait till I get a job and get married too
I wish u both a happy life

Thank you.

May God protects your Love


My wife is Moroccan and we have been married 36 years. I am blessed to be so fortunate to have found such a wonderful life partner. I believe that we always find the one one person that is our exact match. Some people make errors in judgement at times but eventually we find the right person. That is, if we are honest, respectful and faithful to our respective partner. Nationality is not the main issue here, intention and unconditional love is. 
Good luck to you and your spouse.


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