Moving from London to annecy

I am moving to annecy in one week with my partner and 5 year old yet having nightmares as London seems to be the world and annecy as beatiful as it is seems so small & holiday like only not a place for my child to thrive.

Has anyone els  took this decision and regretted it?


Welcome to Annecy, I suppose you have arrived :)

It's just great living in this area in between the lake and mountains and for your child there is a bilingual school in Annecy le Vieux.

Have you found an appartment, ***
All the best.


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hi Fleur

We arrive Tuesday next week & have not found a place to rent as yet so staying in a hotel until we do. Could you send me more info of the flat like cost, photos etc?

Many thanks


Hello Victoria,

I moved from Paris to Sevrier 17 years ago with my husband and 2 children. They grew up in Sevrier and had a very happy and privileged childhood. Living near the lake is obviously a totally different life style from London which I am sure you will enjoy with time and you will make friends. There are so many English families around so you won't feel lonely.


Also when you arrive and walk around Annecy stop off at the tea ship "Folie Royal" in rue Royal. Peter and Sylvie our neighbors also arrived in Annecy and opened their tea shop. Peter being Austrian speaks a perfect English and is very friendly he will also give you some good tips. He plays golf once a week with my parents who decided to retire here in Sevrier.

Are you settling down in Annecy for work reasons?

If I can help you in anyway. Please feel free to contact me.


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Hi there,

I guess you've made the move? Welcome to Annecy!
We moved from near Twickenham to France in June and happened to find Annecy one weekend. We have fallen in love with it and yes, it's not London but it is very special in many ways. Our son doesn't miss England but of course it's still very early days for us and we're still finding our feet with regards to accommodation, learning the language, getting our son into school, work, administration etc but we still feel this is the place for us.  I guess it depends on what kind of lifestyle you want, the reason for your move etc.

If you would like to meet for a chat, please let me know.

Best wishes,

Hello Fleur,

I just read your post.  We also recently arrived in Annecy (July this year) with our 4 year old boy and love it but we are struggling with finding accommodation and a couple of other things. Our main problem is that my husband is a freelance worker so estate agents are wary of us. We've moved three times so far.  We  would love to get a long term let (our furniture is in storage here in France). I check Le Bon Coin every day but we haven't had any luck so far. We are currently in Annecy le Vieux and would like to stay in the area as my son has just got a place in a local maternelle.

I wonder, do you know of anyone who has had similar problems? This is a long term move for us. We are committed to learning the language and staying in France. Any tips you can give is much appreciated.

Many thanks,


I let my 3 bedroom flat a few months ago to a franco American couple with 2 young children and I know it isn't easy to find. Maybe the best way for you is to get in touch with the Association Chatterbox in Annecy, they contribute to the needs of a growing  English-speaking community in the Annecy area. Here is their website :
We arrived 17 years ago and also fell in love of Annecy, our children had a lovely enriching childhood and there are so many english families around :).
Have you been up to the bilingual school at Annecy le Vieux, they are a great team?
All the best and have a nice day

Hi Fleur,
Thank you for your reply  and for the information. I will certainly look into it.
All the best,

Hello ladies

I came across your thread tonight and I was wondering if I could ask all of you how were doing and how your situation has evolved since you have arrived. I know Fleur you have been here for a long time, but what about you Bernadette and ; have you managed to rent a place, find schools for your children, etc.

My husband and I are thinking of making the same move as you in the summer and although we are very much at the beginning of the process , we are trying to organise/plan accommodation, schools, jobs, etc. I'm french but I have been living in England for so long, I am completely lost! :)
My husband is British and we have two daughters, who are 5 and 2.

We will be in Annecy in April to see schools and sort out stuff but any info to help me plan this trip would be very welcome!
Many thanks and perhaps, a bientot in Annecy!

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