Al Khaleej Training and Education

Hello Everyone. I recently got a job at Al Khaleej Training and Education (the exact location of the school is pending but will most likely be in Riyadh) and I wanted to know if anyone has worked their in the past or is presently working their. I would like to know what the work culture is like. If anyone has worked at Al Khaleej as a English Teacher, could you please give me some feedback on the school?

This will be my first time teaching English abroad.


I've been working for Al-Khaleej for 6 years and I can vow that they are a reputable company with managers who go the extra mile to make our stay as welcome and comfortable possible.

My experience were great hence worked for them for 6 years consecutively.

I would not know which project they'll place you on but I wish you the best. If you are in contact with Waleed you should ask him where you'll be placed.

I hope my message help a bit.


One of the best companies out there

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