Hello folks,

Thanks for your responses on my last topic.

Now after some thorough analyses and inquiries, it's clear we need the locals to start the NGO project here and they must be completely involve. 

So I thought we could talk about it, anyone wishing or already involved in Rural Development NGO? 

If yes please help us with your experiences and if you are new and like us to talk the idea over  let me know.


Saw your post. Have been looking into existing NGOs, not really new ones. Am in the States. I do hold a passport. Am very flexible. My experience is financial services. Thanks.

I hope you are well.
I am very interested in being part of your team in Rural Development. It is my passion to see development in the rural areas empowering the communities.
Please get in touch with me and lets talk,


i would like to join but on condition that u r going to involve youths because that is my area of interest and expertize. thank you

Welcome to Kenya.
My advice is to first study the needs of a particular area of interest. Some of the techniques used elsewhere might not necessarily work everywhere,, Get the facts from the residence and involve them in bringing development in their perspective,. Am willing to join your team in establishing a viable rural development agenda

Hi there
Hi there,
I have not studied community development as a profession but i have been a volunteer with several NGOs overtime and with my knowledge and skills I think I can be of help to your company. Please feel free to contact me.

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