Friendship in Dubai

Is it so hard to find friends in Dubai?

Almost impossible

Oooh!...It is sad...

Haha.. I'm just kidding :)

It's depends, mostly it is hard, but sometime I feel life is so lonely here.

not that much hard

Hi Spiga,

Did you already moved to UAE.
I will be in Dubai next month


Good evening,my name is Federica.I never been in Dubai,I am looking for a job there,I hope to go there soon.
I did that question because through the tales of people I seemed to understand that it is not easy.

It is so easy, you can find a lot of people which they might be friends, In the malls, and the best place to go is the gym, probably in the bars too. :D

hey , warm welcome to dubai. I guess it is depends upon person to person . I am sure you will have enough friends here if you are not a narrow minded. look forward to meet you

People are friendly in Dubai I have to say. They will come and talk to you even before you approach them sometimes.

Lol :D

It's easy to meet new friends in Dubai, but depending on each person how much free time do you have to stay in touch and maintain friendship.

Why don't you use facebook and join the local networking meetups. You will find good friends who can help you socially.

Not soon.As the work schedule is busy here and the climate won't allow people to hangout like in other parts of the world.But u certainly can find good friends ,if you try .Best wishes.

i dont think so. if you work in office then you can find a friend easily

Yes somehow its helps to grow the network.

Hi r u here in dubai

Somehow ur right but if we r good then we will find good people as well that’s what I believe.... be Strong always

That's so true! Even while walking in the mall or going to a café!

Hello there

Just arrived some few days ago to Dubai, planning to stay for some few years for job task. I just  Joined to know better about expats life in Dubai and to make some friends

Have a good day y all

Thanks for agree whatever I said... i m new here on this website... if u don’t mind then let chat on WhatsApp if ur agree with that...

U know what sometimes we don’t know that we lose some good people because we r thinking that he or she like others so let’s positive and try


Good morning dubai from saudi arabia now im in dubai cheers people

really not, if you want friend then whatsapp me on *** i am living in alain

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No, We are all friends

Wellcome in Dubai
I am also arrived last month and looking good friend but it's really difficult to find good friend here to spend a quality time specially in weekend to away from our busy schedule to regain energy with good friends.

If you have time to meet pls let me know

Take care

hy my name saqib i interested in friendship pls tell me about your self

no if you find with your own interest. it is very easy t ofind.

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