Lao National abroad in a country without Laos embassy/consualte

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First, some due introductions: My girlfriend and fiancée is from Laos, I'm from Tunisia. She's coming very soon here to Tunisia and we're planning to get a marriage certificate, which is a pretty easy and straigh forward process in my home country, in opposition to Laos regulations on marriage between Lao-foreigner. We choose to do it here, for it can take a maximum of 10 days to be officially married.

Problem is: Laos and Tunisia maintain very little diplomatic relationships, and as such, there's no Laos embassy nor consulate in here, neither does Laos have any Tunisien embassy or consulate.
She actually had to go through the Tunisian Embassy in Beijing (China) to get her Visa.

Now, one of the documents required from a foreigner wishing to marry a Tunisian National is a "permission" paper from the foreigner's embassy in Tunisia.
We have every other required document, this is the only one missing. And as Laos doesn't have any official representation in my country, we're stuck and I have no idea how this works.
I've done my research on internet, hoping to find anything related to an embassy hired by Laos in Tunisia, but I couldn't find anything useful.

So, here's my question: When a Lao National is abroad in a country without any Lao official representation, who does the Lao national address in case of problems? Say, in case of a passport loss, who does the Lao national address? Which embassy takes care of Lao nationals abroad in case of no Lao embassy/consulate?

Thank you for your answer, and I hope you have a good day!

The nearest Lao Embassy or consulate to Tunisia.

Go online and do a search. There are Embassies in many European countries.

Isn't there a simplier way of doing this?
I mean, for exemple, if you're Canadian and you are in a country without a Canadian embassy/consulate, you are advised to visit the country's Austria Embassy to get help. I guess all countries do this, right?

There is no simpler way.
The Lao govt do not use other countries embassies.

Not many countries have the right to use other embassies as a point of contact, especially Asian countries.

It is only a small number of western countries who allow others the right to use their embassies.

In Laos, if you are a New Zealander, you have access to the Australian Embassy. In some other countries New Zealanders and Australians have access to Canadian Embassies.

Just out of curiosity, is your answer just a guess, or do you have the confirmed informations?
You said that Lao govt do not use other countries embassies, but Lao govt does in fact use Tunisian Embassy in China to issue Visa for Lao nationals.

It is not a guess. The Lao govt use of other countries Embassies is limited.
You can find out online.

I can confirm Stumpy's post on this.

Okay, so I will give the official answer:
Lao nationals in Tunisia (and I guess in Algeria and Morocco also) are taken in charge by the Embassy of Laos in France.

Thank you all for your help.

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