The mail system

Can someone explain the mail system there...are there po in the states.or a mailbox outside where you live....I'm referring to receiving and sending mail....thanks

Just act like there is NO mail system, because really it does not function at all!!!!  Dont send mail from here or expect to receive mail except thru a mail forwarder!!!

So phone bill, electric bill, water bill you go right to the location and pay in person? Is it safe (security wise) to call and pay with your credit card over the phn?
If I order anything on Amazon or use my credit card for anything else I'll just call every month to the credit card company and pay out of my checking account...which is what I do now instead of mailing.

There is no mail system.  You play in person, online, or over the phone where available.  Credit cards over the phone is safe, but usually you will need to register your card with the company first  to use it, depends.

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