High intensity fitness classes

Hi guys

I'm looking for high intensity fitness classes close to district 1 which aren't necessarily part of a gym membership, does anyone know of anything like this?

On the cheaper side too

Thanks so much


Hi there,

I'm currently running a start up about fitness. It's high intensity training but instead working out in the gym or on land, this is under water. This kind of workout is a combination of swimming and water aerobics. Hit me up if u interested.


Another suggestion I have for you is take a look at Insanity Workout, Focus T25 or similar DVD/home based workouts. I've been doing this at home or in parks/gyms around different cities for the past six years and even though it's kicking my ass evey time I do it, it's keeping me in good cardio shape. When I go to Saigon I do the workout in the main park in District 3 but have to do it very early or late to avoid the extreme heat, I'm not 20 anymore :-D

Local trainer listed in the business directory

I think you can go to California gym or the same but cheaper is Getfit Gym in D4 near D1

Hope, I can help you something Ms ;)

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