Importing my Pet from Egypt ( any help Plzz)

Hello all,

i just moved to kuwait city 10 days ago , i want to know how to make the import permit for my dog as i need to bring it from Egypt.

can any one help on this ?


Yes, International Veterinary Hospital can help you with that:

My understanding is that you may get the same permit yourself from the ministry which would be much cheaper, but I have never embarked on that adventure.

Thanks a lot, i have checked with the ministry and they informed me to prepare the leasing contract of the flat and landlord approval documents that allowed pets. and this paper not easy at all.

Same as the hospital , they want this paper too, then they finalize the rest of things.

The cost of this paper 2 KWD from the Ministry.


Oh. :( I guess there is a difference between dogs and cats, so far I have only imported cats and in their case that document is not required.

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