Is worth moving to live vietnam

Hi thinking about moving to vietnam for 6 months or more is it possible to retire there comfortably is there part time work available for an able bodied male


Where would you suggest living

Take your pick. There are cities, towns, villages, hamlets, flatlands, forests, jungle, mountains, desert, coastal areas, rivers. What Do YOU want?

Probably somewhere away from city close to the ocean fresh foods cold beers and socialising

If you also want to work your options might be Da Nang/hoi an or nha trang..  not sure about vung tau..

No hassles being a single straight white middle aged semi retiree in vietnam ??

Why should it be hassles "being a single straight white middle aged semi retiree" in Vietnam?  It's not a married-couple only country, not a homosexual country, not a no-white-allowed country, and not a country that is ran by young people.  It also doesn't discriminate against retirees, semi or full fledged.  In fact, I don't know many places in the world where you would encounter hassles being what you described yourself.

Is it worth to move to Vietnam?  No one knows whether it's worth it to you but yourself, however, I do think you ought to read, learn, and do a bit of research about the country before posing the question again.

I don't know that's why I'm asking

stretch56 :

No hassles being a single straight white middle aged semi retiree in vietnam ??

You might be quite popular with the girls.

Been out of contact due to buying a condo near my Wife's hospital and moving from the rented house and some computer issues.

I'm retired Military, have other pensions, wife and I have US SSA payments and we have a few investments. So money is not an issue for us.

Aside from my wife's condition, reimbursed by the US Army, USD $3000.00/month is plenty for living quite comfortably even stuck here in Saigon for my wife's medical issues. Living modestly and away from foreigners, USD $1000.00 should be plenty even in Saigon.

We also own a home in Liên Hương - Bình Thuận. But, as my wife's conditioned worsened our local Doctors told us to get her to Saigon for treatment about 3 years ago. We love  Liên Hương - Bình Thuận. But, basic speaking Vietnamese is a must to live there. Phan Thiết is also nice and speaking Vietnamese is not as needed.

As to Vietnamese girls, I married my "old war buddy," a young Vietnamese woman who worked as a nurse for our Medical officer here in Vietnam back in 1971 and have been pretty well out of the market since then.

While Viet Nam is far from being a hassle-free or ideal country, if you want to enjoy life in the tropics in Southeast Asia, it's a pretty good choice in terms of:

1) stable government (one-party system with no 'political strongman')

2) fairly robust economy (some development and prosperity)

3) very low cost of living (if you make it so)

4) relative safe environment free from earthquakes, volcanoes, terrorism, internal conflicts, etc

5) relaxed visa regulations

In short, people choose VN over Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei for these reasons. Basically, it's easy and flexible, and there is a lot of slack.

You have to get used to a number of challenges and annoyances first though. It's not paradise but if you have realistic expectations and don't live in Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh City, you can be fairly comfortable.

It's also a great place if you want to get married and have two kids  :) and/or lose weight  :top: .

Sounds ideal except having kids could adopt a few maybe haha

I don't know about part-time work besides teaching English, or internet work for a Western client. Both are good options. Local wages are $1/hour range here, right?

Moving overseas is a big step, don't burn your bridges, it isn't for everyone, Vietnam isn't for everyone but you might like Thailand or Philippines or ... better. Visit first and travel around!

Here is a similar thread. . There are more discussions, search "move" or "moving" or "teaching" or "working" ...

I agree with Johnross except for

johnross23 :

5) relaxed visa regulations

How many threads are there on this very forum about visas?  There are constant complaints and questions on the never ending visa runs to Cambodia, the hassles at immigration from officials seeking bribes and the whole industry of travel agents whose primary purpose is not to sell tickets but visas, some of which even turn out to be complete forgeries.

Many who wrote here did so from the perspective of having Vietnamese spouses or relatives which affords them relatively long term legal residence.  For unemployed single males it could be another story.  Working in ESL part time might not even afford you a Work Permit and Temporary Residence card as employers would be unwilling to make the expenditures for a part-timer.  Even if you teach full time, i.e. about 25 face to face hours, what happens when you want to really retire and you lose the work permit?  As suggested by Gobot, you might want to check out Thailand and the Philippines.  Both have so-called retirement visas although I read that they both require some type of financial bond or locked bank account.  The Philippines has the added advantage that a very high portion of the population speaks English, so maybe no teaching work but an easier time getting around.

I have unmarried foreign friends who have live in Nha Trang for  ten years and longer on business visas. Yes, they do have to do visa runs from time to time, but look on this as a chance to see somewhere new and meet new faces.

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