Business structure in Laos

I am am in the process of starting a tourist operation in Laos. It is a small operation and and will involve a initial investment if $60000 USD . I have received excellent legal advice in regards to starting foreign invested company both full and joint venture with Lao partner and all the multiple licences and shareholder agreements .
Best prices for this are at $20000 USD and this may be fair but based on my capital investment it is not viable.
I hear that it can be done in a more informal way with a trusted Lao partner,
Any advice would be appreciated.

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My wife has an experience in Tourism industry. She use to work with Diethelm Travel Laos and Destination Asia. She will be quit from Diethelm Travel Laos within end of 2016. I am wondering if you are interested. Please send me email for further discussion. my email is ***

Thank you so much

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