Looking badminton partners in Køge

I am living in Køge denmark and looking for some reasonable partner or partners to join me in badminton sessions atleast once a week. I hope there will be someone like me to kill boring time with some energetic activity.

See ya

I would suggest to you that you contact Køge Badminton Klub. … geid=17746

As you see, you don't need to have a partner to start playing.

If you have a partner, you can hire badminton courts at Firmaidrætten.


Hi Nellie,

Thanks for the nice suggestion but i do contact them already and they are very expensive to join. So what i found is a court available in very cheap price for 1 hour or more near to køge where you need 1 or more partners to bring and play. So I am looking such like that. Clubs are good if we need a good training but here i need to spend good time and healthy activity at least once a week.

Then you might try to make a post on this FB page … 591116380/

You have noticed that there are two kind of memberships in Køge Badminton Club, e.g. a training and a not-training group, and that the price also includes the birdies?  The non-training group is cheaper, people play for fun, and as the club encourage the players to stay after the game for a 'third half', it is also a good way to find new friends.


Yes that i can ask from the cluba again. Funny thing is I am living just 3 minutes away from the club :lol: and actually due to a language issue i cannot communicate properly with the guy last time. I hope this time someone else will give me the details. But i still think that club membership will gonna be necessary to play.
Thomas Kragh: tkragh1972[at]

Prices: … geid=17717
1 hour a week: 1,000 kroner a year, 1½ hour: 1,250 kroner.

Actually, I am surprised to learn that you have found something cheaper.

I take that people will have most time for socialising Saturday morning so I would go for Saturday if I were you.


Yes i have found this linkøj … ;tscenter/
And it states that by just paying 50 kr i can book a court for 1 hour. Isn't it better one. I will call to check it tomorrow hopefully.
And yeah Friday and Saturday i am free to prefer any of these days.

And the link you send i think it is a membership fee if 1000 kr or 1250 kr.  And whenever you want to play you have to pay 150 kr eachtime as I asked them last time.

You pay 100 kroner for becoming a member of the club (lump sum), and then an annual fee (1,250 kroner) if you join the Saturday team which plays 1½ hours. The amount covers the whole season which runs from August and at least until May, maybe a couple of months more.

It will cheaper than renting the courts at Wannasport even if we add in holidays and days off. And you are guarantueed having a play mate every time you meet up.

If I were you, I would sign up immediately while the team is still open for registrations. Normally, sports clubs allow you to play a couple of weeks as a test period before you have to pay.

Do write to Thomas Kragh: tkragh1972[at]

I take that the 150 kroner per court you mention is the price if you don't want to become a member, but just play occasionally.


Many many thanks Nellie. Really appreciate for such detailed research and reply. And i definitely write him today. Or may be visit him. Seems like you also play badminton.

Good luck, Genius.

I have only played badminton one year when I was young. My husband and I had rented a court, and we were the only ones in the gym hall. Nobody was there when we arrived, nobody when we left.

Now I play table tennis for people 60+, and I do like it. Started a year ago. We change partners every time we have finished a set. Maybe, also something for you?


Thats really nice. I feel table tennis a hard game seriously although i tried it once in my university life and found it difficult to control a ball on such a small table  :D  but definitely try again somewhere if i got a chance to play.

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