Felicia, from South Africa

Hi, I am from South Africa. I have been living in Belgium since 2002. Living in Hemiksem with my husband and two dogs. My interests are music (both listening and playing), walking, movies, and...

I am interested in making a few  female friends here that are not of the Belgian nationality. I am a simple, down to earth person from an open, group oriented culture.

South Africans, Filipinos, British, Surinamers, etc are cultures that I fit in with. 

If you need help navigating the complex social system here (taxes, self employment, disability, medical, social security)  I can offer some assistance as I have encountered most of the system here in the past fifteen odd years. If you feel like practicing your dutch or Antwerps, we can always get together here in Antwerp for a cup of tea, or take a walk, or see a movie.

Welcome to the Forum Felicia,  :)

I am sure you will be of great help.

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