Shoes in da nang

Does anyone know where I can get men's shoes in size 10 1/2 or 11 (which I believe is size 44 or larger in Vietnam)?

With GREAT difficulty, i am same size and i struggled, Eventually i found a pair of Reebok at the sports shop in Vincom shopping mall. It was the only shoes i found after searching for about a week. Be aware tho, its very pricey there, i think i paid almost 4 million for them.

if you happen to find a cheaper place let me know :D

Thank very much for the info. Will let you know if I find some cheaper.

Actually there is a guy who sells shoes at my school, however i am unsure the quality or sizes. But i think he may have larger sizes, but i think its mostly just fancy shoes, those pointy ones... I am unsure if he sells sneakers or not. i will try and find out his contact details. However i only see him on weekends so i will ask his number this weekend when i see him. He is a foreigner and its his vietnamese girlfriend who sells shoes.

Here is Iain's Contact details : ***
Call him, Add him on Zalo or whatsapp or whatever, He sells shoes in Da Nang that will fit foreigners. Hope this helps...

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Thank you for you help.

Besides the length problem there can be two other problems with shoes in Vietnam, whether off-the-rack or custom .  Of course obviously width is a problem but even if you find the proper width there is the height of the upper side of the arch which I think is called the instep.  If shoes are made on an Asian last they will have a low instep.  Even when I had a pair custom made, this was still a problem.  The cobbler had a last that was nominally the correct size but the shoes were still tight across the top.  Unfortunately the man did not speak English and I don't think my wife really understood the problem as she was focused on width.

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