Profession Change on Iqama

please update any one ....I am also facing the same situation

But I heard it is a fake news, If anyone gets the authenticated news please do share it here with the link. Thank you

Have a Good day Friends,
Ministry of lobor gave two month for proffission change strarting from Tomorrow.

It's Fake News!

Yes it's a fake news ...

I called MOL 19911 ,they said still it is stopped for temporary .

Yes it is fake news.

I can help you guys with the profession change procedures.

Give me your no.

hai , can you help me to change profession

hai,ANIL  1010 , how you can do? please help.  number please

Zeeshan Ahmed332 :

u received message from whom?

When profession can change for getting family visit visa

Guys any update regarding profession change??

Yar mera India ka Aircel number band q ho gya Usme Ballance v tha fir v network hi nhi a raha koi help karo yar network kaise ayega


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@MD inam > you should please write in English so that everyone can understand. Thank you

Anyone from damman, check this person he claims to change profession
****(Got this from

He says his name is Mohammed ***, and he stays near Dareen Mall. It would be great if someone can meet him personally and find out if he is genuine or not.

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@syeds1983 he is an agent ?
And you have any idea how much he charge for this  ?

He claims he works in jawazat itself. And charges he gave me is SAR 2000 (Sar 1000 upfront for fees and Sar 1000 for his charges to be paid after confirming in absher)

hello guys,

If someone meet in then please do take a photo of him. I will verify with the sources whether he really works at jawazat or not

I have also heard it backdoor its open few days back I contact that person His name Mohamed al dosarry .But he asked me to advance payment 1000 Riyal and I was a plan to meet him but he never came and meet me.Anyone try and got positive then kindly share with this group

I too called him. He told me the same thing. He asking 1000 sr advance.

My friend, what if that if you had the all basic requirements which is the documents and sent already to SCE but the work experience is below 5 years, what shall be happen?

My friend, what if you are basic requirements are qualified but the work experience of that profession is not enough or not meeting the 5 years minimum experience?

Anyone has the idea when it will re-open ??

if anybody contacted this agent which is in dammam then let us know everyone...

I need to change my iqama profession is Bana Aam  i am convert to Driving profession
Saiq Amomi or Naqal saqeel.tell me how is possible...

Now we can't change iqama profession all person told it will open next month,  but others are told it's not open now .after Hujj only its possible to idea talk to your management and will go proper exit and  will come back to proper profession

What is your profession in iqama ?

My profession is restaurant labour i want yo change into restaurant manager is it possible now

Im amal(labour visa) but my position in my company network admin  tried many ways to change the profession but not possible .i don't believe agents they are only asking advance money  but not update me what they required and duration period etc..

first of all, do u have related certificate (restaurant manager or equivalent ) degree. did u finished ur attestation,  suppose did u finish also then we cant do anything now bro .because the profession change its temporary ???? bane

I a m registerd and have  active membership in saudi council of engineers and need to do  change of profession can change my profession.

@engsyedsarwar[at]now not possible KSA Bane profession change so wait when it will open after you will

hi friends

   Any one can tell me whats the procedure to change labor profession to engineer profession in iqama..
Already MY CERTIFICATES registered with Saudi  council of engineering, got approval and temporary membership.. 

Any update?

No dear,still waiting for the update

any update guyz. now we reach mid of april no positive news came.

Hello guys,

I am calling MOL every alternate day to get any positive response but unfortunately they are saying they don't have any update regarding profession change as of now.... So I guess we still need to wait a few more days/weeks to get a positive response from them...

Thankyou for the update

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