I am Looking To Buy a Re-Sale Static Caravan In Malaga

I am looking to rent a caravan in Malaga with a view to buy a re-sale caravan. I would be grateful for any advice I can get. Also I would like to pick anyones brains and learn as much as I can about Malaga in general.
Thank you, from Catherine

With so much property on the market at incredible low prices why not consider bricks and mortar?  The prices in the estate agents are highly optimistic so offer half as a starting point also why not look wider we are very happy in alzira the cost of living is very low the quality of life very high you could actually buy for less than 20k if you looked around. Good luck may you achieve your goals and dreams

Hi Catherine,

There are several car dealerships in Malaga which offer second-hand cars (caravan included), but many sell cars in bad condiditions and they do not guarantee you that the car you are acquiring last 10 years or more (minimum life expectancy of a car).

I would recommend you to check Marbesol website, they are a rent a car company which is starting to sell cars used in the renting business, so the conditions of the vehicles are good compared to those who are sold after being used for many years on a daily basis. Also, you can check website and, they have cheap options, event though you can take the risk to be buying a caravan with internal problems.

I hope I could be useful!

Good luck Catherine :)

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