Hello everyone
I'm saudi livening in Riyadh and I'm interesting in playing sports especially badminton but unfornatly I couldn't find partner who interest to play it even I dunno good places to play that although I'm saudi but I'm sure foreigners know about this better than me !
Anyone can help ??

They do play in compounds

Which compounds ? And am I allow to enter it ?!

most compunds dont allow non residents to entwer

Badminton 😅

Im lazy to google it , I have no clue about what this game look like. Anyway hope you find your partner soon , finger crossed

In some of the Filipino schools here I think they play badminton every friday

Most people with the unfortunate exception of the Sudanese and Yemeni are allowed on ishbilia, a very nice compound I am privileged to live on currently. Saudis must be signed in NLT 72 hours prior to arriving. Everyone else can be signed in by an invite of a resident and surrender of iqama for the length of stay. They have facilities for tennis, football, rugby, squash, badminton, tennis, billiards, fitness sports, basketball, and some others.

Im in :D, just send me the location

Hi Anthony, I can also play badminton or tennis. Im a mid player for both sports. Im interested to play with you.

Hi Eevi currently I am the President of (FBC) Filipino Badminton Committee - Riyadh Chapter if you interested to play in our group you are most welcome.

kindly count me in too and send me the location


Hello if you don't mind I can be your partner

you can enter any compound , just contact the coffee shop and register your name and at the gate they will allow you to go inside.

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