Doing Business in Laos

I am am in the process of starting a tourist operation in Laos. It is a small operation and and will involve a initial investment if $60000 USD . I have received excellent legal advice in regards to starting foreign invested company both full and joint venture with Lao partner and all the multiple licences and shareholder agreements .
Best prices for this are at $20000 USD and this may be fair but based on my capital investment it is not viable.
I hear that it can be done in a more informal way with a trusted Lao partner,
Any advice would be appreciated.

Whilst I understand you concern over the costs involved in the legal side of the partnership I would advise caution in doing it in an informal way.

By doing it properly you are covered if things do not go according to plan and the partnership breaks up.

The informal process may be a lot cheaper but if the Lao partner decides to take over the operation there is nothing you can do about it.

I will not go into detail but I know of this type of takeover happening here in Laos.

Have you shopped around for a firm who will charge lesser fees ??

Regarding a Lao partner it may be possible to have a Lao registered company (expat owned) to become a partner.

I suggest that you post this on the Lao forum as you may well get a better response from members there.

Hi Stumpy thanks for the reply and yes I posed in the wrong country mistake ..

I am very interested in the Local Lao company that you have mentioned and then possibly doing a share holder agreement around that .

I know my way around the formation of the foreigner invested companies but are looking for the other option?
Thanks Kevin
PS are now on the Lao forum

I am in New Zealand at present and will not be back in Laos for a few months.

That's interesting I am in Australia and back NZ in September but may be in Lao about 6 Sept.
Where are you in NZ?


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