Living & Working in Malaysia


Was wondering if I can get some help here as I'm in a unique situation.

I've been staying in Malaysia on and off for the past 2 years but need to leave the country every 90 days.

I'm a freelancer that works with companies in Canada and Singapore but would like  to offer my services locally and would like to live here permanently instead of leaving every 90 days.

I'm trying to see what my options are but there's a lot of conflicting info online. I'm trying to avoid paying an agent to get a work permit as that usually amounts to about RM7,000 which is way above my budget.

Any advice is appreciated.


The ways to stay are getting a job locally (work permit), incorporating a company (with a paid-up capital of RM250,000 a Labuan company director can get a visa) or the Malaysia my Second Home. Anything else is fake or illegal. You don't need an agent for a work permit as the employer is required to apply. You need a Company Secretary for a director's visa (www.simplyoffshore) and you can apply yourself for the MM2H (proof of income and liquid assets required).

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