Looking for school information moving to west Surabaya next year


We are a family of 5.  4 of which are thinking about moving to West Surabaya early next year.  We have two boys 12 and 14 who will be needing to attend a school whilst we are there.  We are thinking of the SES school in West Surabaya.  We cant find anything on approximate costs.  Is it better to home school or send the kids?  We are thinking of renting either in Citraland or Pukawan.

SES is quite good but I suggest SIS (Surabaya International School) as more students there (especially for junior / secondary students). School facilities are better in SIS as well. Fee is between 1000 - 1500 usd per month.

this is the link of the school:

adding for more school info, there is Spins School,
But their address not in Citraland realestate, but still in West Surabaya

Hmm.. I know one good school on east surabaya. I think you should consider this school

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