Hi, I am from the Philippines but I lived and studied in Venice, Italy for about 5 years. I have the Permesso Di Soggiorno with "scadenza indeterminata" (undated expiry date -- and is still in paper, not the card type.)
I went back to the Philippines last 2009 and took my college course and right after, went here to New York and got married.

I haven't been back to Italy since 2009 and I want to go back soon to visit for a week or so... Could someone tell me if there would be any problem with the re-entry using my Permesso Di Soggiorno? Will they still accept it even though I'm out of the country for 8 years (until now)?

Thank you for your answers.

my passport infomation and the information listed on my Permesso di Soggiorno still remains the same.

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