French needing to practise english

Hello I am French from Nice, 29 years old, teaching english but needing to improve my conversation skills and prononciation. I would like to meet People from english's speaking countries. I can help with your french too.
See ya :-)

I can help if you are in Paris. :)

Thank you very much for you message but I am in Nice ;-)

Hi Vanessa,
I think we could have a language exchange, I can help you with English. I am a graduate student studying in France and my second year would be in french. So I think we could help each other with this.

Hello, nice meeting you here, I am also looking for someone to teach me French Language in exchange for English language. Hope you do not mind.

Let me know your opinion about it.

Best wishes.

Dear Daniel
Thanks for your message.
Where do you study in France?
Take care

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