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I'm Maje Brennan. My husband and I are moving to Stuttgart next month, and I'm looking on line for housing. We've seen several places in Sillenbuch that look nice, but I'd like an opinion from someone who knows the area.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Sillenbuch is a typical residential suburb - good if you like quiet, green surroundings, want to learn German and integrate into the local society, but bad if you want cosmopolitan city life at your doorsteps (you need to take the U-Bahn to Stuttgart centre for that, which takes 20min and runs until after midnight).

Thank you, Beppie. Do you know how it compares to Sonnenberg? The last two times we've been assigned to Stuttgart, that's where we have lived. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble finding a house or apartment there.


I have never been to Sonnenberg, but I believe it is similar, maybe a bit more urban than Sillenbuch.
In any case, you shoul (No: Must!) visit a place before you deciode to rent an apartment and live there. Take an extended walk through the neighboiurhood, then you will see for yourself!

Sillenbuch is a bit farther out of the center than Sonnenberg but it is connected directly by U-Bahn to the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) and takes just 18 minutes compared to 13 minutes from Sonnenberg and cost the same - presently 2,70 Euros for 2 zones. The difference is not worth mentioning. Sillenbuch is certainly not the same as central Stuttgart but it does have a thriving business center. Thus one can say go to the supermarket locally but to do a lot of cloth shopping at the bigger chain stores rather than more expensive boutique shops, one would probably  choose to go to Stuttgart center. But Sillenbuch is actually a bit upscale and upper middle class. It has less cultural diversity, for good or bad, than most Stuttgart neighborhoods. It is also quiet and surrounded by a lot of woods and rolling hills, so plenty of nice places for a walk. I think many would recommend it as a quiet, safe place yet not too far of a commute to the center.

Thank you. We don't want to live in Stuttgart center. My husband will be working at Patch. If we can't find a place in either Sonnenberg or Degerloch, we'll look at Sillenbuch.


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