Buying Large Appliances in Quito

I've searched the forum and couldn't find an answer to this:

What are the best places to buy large appliances in Quito? i.e. washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc.

Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



Hello CyberJane.

I recommend you to buy your electrodomestics in the Center of Quito. Especifically, in the stop "El Tejar", next to "Ipiales". I bought there my fridge in 400$ (new and 14 feet), my induction cooker in 350$ (new) and my mexican oster blender in 70$ (3 speeds, the glass supports cold and hot temperatures).


Thanks for the advice.

Which brands of appliances are Ecuadorian? And are the Ecuadorian brands reliable? Mabe seem to be plentiful here.

On Naciones Unidas, a street that runs parallel with Quicentro and Carlolina Park from east to west there are a some appliances stores.

Start at Quicentro  and walk across the street towards Medicity pharmacy and keep going straight towards Amazonas (street). You will find about 3 or 4 stores adjacent to one another, look for the sign “La Ganga.”

If you continue walking towards Amazonas you’ll come across a department store called Comandato which also sells appliances and other items for the home. It’ll be on the left hand side, just before Tony Roma’s.

You can also check out Mega Maxi to get an idea of prices before going to these appliances stores. 

Some smaller shops might sell appliances that might be cheaper but be wary of those if there isn't a local distributor which offers a local warranty. This is also important in case of future repairs as parts will be easier to attain.

Mucha gracias VS, I'll probably  check these out tomorrow.

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