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Does anyone know whether I can register with a doctors in France if when I initially move to Toulouse I am in an AirBnB? I.e. will that be a suitable address to provide? I want to stay in an airbnb initially to get me there to make it easier to find a place, but I am diabetic so need to register with a doc asap.


Clare x

Yes absolutely!
1) if you are paying directly, and have no Carte Vitale, your address doesn't matter as much. You just tell them what it is.
2) if you want to register with CPAM, you have to be in France 3 months, and provide copies of receipts that show your housing. We provided a one-night receipt from our hotel, plus one month of holiday rental, plus one month of our new apartment.

BTW, I went to an endocrinologist on my own before I was able to register with CPAM - I paid directly (90€ first appointment, 50€ follow up, ~100€ tests). When I went in person to make the appointment, I left with an ordonnance for tests, which I did a week before my appointment. My appointment was about 2-3 weeks out.

Thank you! :)

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