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Hi all,

I'm planning to move to Berlin as soon as I can, I'm coming from London where I currently have an entry/ mid level role working in TV production. I'm hoping to find a similar position working either in television, film or advertising.  I have cold emailed a number of organisations and managed to set up 3 meetings for next month. Does anybody have any advise on trying to find a media role in Berlin? Are there any specific job sites I should look at, or are there recruiters that deal with jobs in media entertainment?  It's worth noting I only speak beginners level German.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



Hi Jen,

Welcome to the forum  :)

I suggest you drop an advert in the Jobs in Berlin section of the website so that you might get some offers.

You could also try seraching on the websites indicated at the bottom of the Working in Berlin article.

All the best,

Thanks Bhavana, I'll certainly check out those options.

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