Visite Hong Kong for open company and bank account

Hello everybody,

I'm Aimen from France. I will visite Hong Kong for 10 days from 19 August.

At same time, i want open company and bank account in Hong Kong.

Please someone can help me? I will be gratefull to exchange with him/her.

Have a nice day


Hi Woodtiger,

Have a look at the following article, it could be useful : Opening a bank account in Hong Kong

All the best,


I hope your trip was successful and you have now a running business with fitting account. Can you tell a bit about your experience? I am planning to do the same soon.

Dont pay someone to do it - its damned simple. Hong Kong is friendly to foreign investors and govt administration will tell you what you need to know (they have English speakers at most govt offices). When you open a bank account - you will need  your passport, an address (you are able to use your hotel address - I did), a contact number, a deposit and proof of address (your home address in native country). If wanting to open a  business account - you will need legal documents for the company.

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