D Type visa + Work Permit extension

For example a person's WP is expiring on Aug 30 and Resident Permit(RP) is expiring on Sep 30. His WP is under ministry approval and it seems nowadays it takes more than 5weeks for approval. My question is

What if he does not get WP before the expiry of current WP?

After WP can he travel to India and comeback since RP is valid till Sep 30.(Tentative travel date is between Sep 1 to Sep 20)?

Can he enter Belgium with expired WP and valid RP?

Everything has to be legal and I need your opinion on this.

Dear, normally you can enter the country before 30.09.2017, at the airport they only check your resident permit.


Yes very correct. In immigration they just check your residence permit.


My Dominican boyfriend would like to work and live a few months here in Belgium.
Does anyone know if a non-EU member already need to have a job (contract) before coming to Belgium or is the VISA D long stay enough to get here?

And can he get a health insurance when arriving in Belgium or already need to have an international insurance before coming?

Thanks in advance,


I have a query ,  Do you need any Return VISA to come back to Belgium when you go out of Belgium for a month to India  ( with Valid RP )

when your leaving India , do they ask for VISA or RP ?   since your visa is completely expired

After you get your RP, your visa is irrelevant. RP replaces your visa. RP+passport is your travel document.

You can leave and enter Belgium during the validity period of your RP. Outbound immigration in India will verify your RP for its validity when you fly to Europe. That is it.

Scenario 1

D VISA -  NOV25 2017 to  APRIL 4 2018  (Spouse Dependent)

RP will come by Feb 18  , Applied in Dec 17

She might wanna leave to India in May or June for a month or two and then come back

She wont have a VISA Anymore , 

when she is in Bangalore airport or anyother indian airport , Do they ask her " Where is your Return VISA ?" 

Does she need to inform the Belgian Embassy when she leaves from Brussels ?? to India ?

Coming back is worrying since if she cant then its gonna be a mess for me :)

Like I wrote above, once she has the RP, the visa printed on her passport is IRRELEVANT. RP is the visa thereafter. If immigration asks, she can show the RP, that’s it.

No. She doesn’t have to inform anyone for leaving and coming back to Belgium during the validity period of her RP.

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