Planning to settle in malaysia

Hi, I am a science graduate from kashmir india with rich experience in medicne,healthcare,handicrafts,event management & protocol. I am planning to get married to a malaysian girl & want to settle in malaysia.looking for a full time or part time job.

Hospital mangement jobs are normally undertaken by Malaysians - the whole medical/hospital field has protectionism surrounding it. This is partially due to the language requirements. Pharmaceutical reps are always needed though.

Do bear in mind that if you marry a Malaysian and have not got a job before then, it may be difficult as the visa is only given 6 months following the marriage. So if you can get a job before, it may be easier to make the transition.

Looking for a Professional Pass Category III may be the easiest route to working in Malaysia (i.e. the salary level required is lower - experience level may be lower - although usually immigration does insist on at least 2 years professional experience).  Not all companies can recruit foreigners, so concentrate on the larger and international ones.

For event management, it's a bit similar to hospital management (there are lots of sectors that are protectionist). But take a look at companies such as Marcus Evans. Customer Service centres are one of the types of work that do hire foreigners, often for their language skills.

Take a look at Jobstreet and apply for relevant jobs.

I saw this job advertised and because they need Arabic  I thought I would let you know. … amp;src=12

It's in George Town, Penang Island but that's  a really great place to live.

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