Ban on foreign workers

I see malaysia has banned foreign worker to work in malaysia for the decreasing unemployment job for malasiyans. Now i want to say that im live ksa my nationality is pakistani i know malaysia is a good country and now i want to study in malaysia's university Hospitality & tourism Management. After completing my graduation in bachelors can i work there? Because i see malaysia are not hiring foreign so please tell me what should i do? If i find no work there then who help me to work in malaysia because i like this country and i want to settle there... if there is no job for foreign then what i will do with malaysia degree?
Thank you

Aim for a different university degree subject and subsequent profession.

If i find no job after malaysian universities degeee like sunway etc. Then what?

Because its a foreign banned

The majority of students end up leaving Malaysia after their degree. Getting a Professional work permit is the best way to have a career in Malaysia. F&B is not a good route to get that type of visa. Malaysians work in management positions in F&B usually.

But i want to work in malaysia and dont wanna leave because its a own country degree and they have to give us a job aftee graduation.

That does not happen in Malaysia. There is no guarantee of a job after a degree here. Don't waste your time and money getting a F&B degree to work in Malaysia.

Ok if i go back to the country and come again with a professional permit visa then they again have a problem with foreign so then?

ban of foreign worker? from where you heard?

you can try apply for a job as long as there's vacancy and your requirement fits in.

I see in different pages about this ban so i asked this question

Oh, I see, you don't understand the concept of Foreign Worker.

There are two types of visa in Malaysia. One is called FW and it's for unskilled workers who can work in 5 sectors:
Services Sector

Don't need a degree to work as a Foreign Worker

The other system is the Professional Employment Pass. Foreigners can work with that type of visa, but the reality is there are only a few sectors where they can get jobs (IT is the main one) and F&B is not really a good choice.

So Hospitality  and Tourism management course is not a good choice for job in Malaysia or this is not a good course?

No not a good sector either. But as I wrote - don't need a degree to work as a Foreign Worker in Malaysia. There are problems with registering FWs at the moment - that is the issue. Employers are being punished for not registering their workers by the deadline which was a couple of months ago. A lot of workers here in Malaysia are undocumented and staying illegally (often because of their employer doesn't get them registered).

Oh... so this sector dont have much value like IT and but what about business management in malaysia for us?

Oh thats a big problem

Non-Malaysians are recruited when the skills are not available among the Malaysian population - that is how immigration view authorising employment passes. What is happening at the moment is there are government to government arrangements being finalised to control recruitment of FWs into Malaysia. You work nearly all of your life - aim for a well-paid career not just a job.

Thanks dear.  But do you have any advise for me to start Hospilatility and tourism Management or Business  Management can u tell me where can i start my career which one is the good country for this career?

The nationalities for FW are:
Philippines (male only)
Sri Lanka

Sorry what  FW?

FW = Foreign Worker (i.e. unskilled labour)

So we can not work in malaysia like for our career in future with this degree

The issue is that the hospitality and tourist sectors recruit from Malaysians with degrees.

Is China is good for this course? And they offers jobs in this?

What you are asking is can anyone guarantee you a job after you study in their country?

Oh i see ur message in inbox i will try

Thats just an advise from u

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