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Hi I want to know I am suffering from Gilbert syndrome can I go Kuwait.and does he do Bilirubin test in after received visa post medical.

not really sure buddy, i read its something about hepatitis, you're best bet is to check with the Kuwait embassy in your country.

Hi, i am doctor. It should be fine as long as you present a medical report on it and your hep. virus are negative ;)

Thankx for revert doctor my all test r negative
Hbsag negative
Hiv negative
Hcv negative
Tpha negative
VDRL negative
Chest x ray clear
But I have only Gilbert syndrome today i done my bilirubin test
Total Bilirubin 1.7
Direct bilirubin 0.2
Indirect bilirubin 1.5
And all LFT engime r normal.

Hi Imran, did you clear the medical test ?as I Am also sailing on the same ship.. pls revert...

I am a doc too.still in india.getting things sorted.Do you know if they will let me work before i get a work visa?

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