Double taxation woes

As retirees from Australia we will be paying tax on our Super in Australia, so how do we avoid paying tax again in Portugal as we have to declare worldwide income. We are NOT trying to avoid paying tax, but just not paying twice. Do we have to try and become Non Habitual Residents for tax purposes? Any help and advise will be appreciated, Cheers from Seachange

Don't quote me on this, as I am talking from a VERY limited experience, but actually when I was doing some translation jobs for a lawyer and passing income receipt for their client in another country, lawyer asked me about the taxation issue(if I was paying any additional taxes in that country), and said there shouldn't be a double taxation, it should be either from Portuguese side or from Other countries side. That was the only time I heard about double taxation issue, so I strongly recommend you to talk to a lawyer here (and in your country ) before you make any arrangements. They seem to know what is going on.

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