Filming Stories of Expats in Morocco

What's your story ? I'm an American producer and we are doing an American TV series about expats. We are filming in Morocco in October. We are looking for interesting, visual stories. Americans, Brits, French, Australians, Filipinos..... Anyone living in Morocco doing anything cool for the TV show. Please contact me at ** if you think you might want to be on the show!  Thanks.

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Hi Caravan57,

Welcome on board  :)

Could you please drop an advert in the Morocco classifieds under the Testimonies category so that interested members may contact you ?

All the best,

Will do. Thanks

Is there a place for a moroccan guy too?

I am an American living in Morocco for the past nine years. Starting from Peace Corps, living in the countryside for 6 years to eventually starting my own business in Casablanca. Your project sounds fun and interesting, let me know if you need more people!



Hello Caravan,
Good luck with your project.
In case you guys need a local in the filming process feel free to contact me.
P.S: I'm a Graduate media student and also freelance translator based in Marrakech.
Best of luck  :top:

Thank you. Will do.


Thanks for the reply. You sre exactly the type of person we are looking for. What's your business?



Hi. Thanks for replying. I suppose there could be room for a local guy if you have some connection to expats. What's your story? Thanks again.

i'm a Moroccan freelance photographer based in Tangier, let me know if you need any assistance :)


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