Does anyone have  info for protocol to bring a drone in country? Thanks in advance.

You must have permission from the ministry of defense to operate a drone in Vietnam. I brought one in with no problem. But then could not fly it.

Don't mean to question your statement but how accurate is it?   Can you elaborate further?

Yeah go figure eh? Did they by chance give you any reason or guidelines where not to fly or just no! I know there are drones in Vietnam I mean the jenie is out of the bottle there's no road back

. Thanks for your reply I see no need to bring in my aircraft if I'm unable to fly. So I understand immigration allowed your drone to pass but informed you you weren't allowed to fly it? Um! Appreciate your time  very much.

Many countries are bringing I  New laws and regulations regarding drones, as they are using the country air space. For the up to date laws you need contact the interior minister or Embassy.

No, actually customs was never a problem, and I had no contact at all with them. I simply know a military general here and he told me. He gave me all the official rules on it. Of course, their prime concern is fly over or near sensitive targets. And yes, as with everything else here there are many that do not heed the laws. Me I have a family and could not take the risk of being separated from my family for the remainder of my life. I never attempted to get the approval as it was just to be a trivial hobby to me. I had a first class drone, very expensive and it was never flown....pissed me off. But have no one to blame but myself as I did not do the homework.

Yeah, listen to SimCity and see where it gets you. As I said the authority lies with the da!!

I hope I made myself clear. I had absolutely no problem with getting the drone into the country. I use a shipper in the USA that has a good relationship with customs and never have a problem getting anything in. Will you, I can not say.I could only assure you you would not have a problem with my shipper. The problem comes when you are caught flying. If you want to pursue the paperwork to legally fly it can be done. It is quite obvious why you must get permission. And I have seen the letter and it states clearly where you CANNOT fly. Fly there and you in a heap of dodo

Some things never change, I totally understand their need for no fly zones over sensitive areas, shame actually such a beautiful country to capture stunning  vistas  out in the country side but I concur chances aren't good need so form of written permission where and where not to fly.
Thanks so much for heads up, cheers !

Understood , suggestions on shipping gear from us? Perhaps in time I would presue the paper trail to reaffirm I'm flying in the designated zone. I can only imagine the awesome shots were not getting! Well I still have 35mm 220mm and digital media so if I must ground my aircraft I will do so -wouldn't wish to do anything I shouldn't be doing

  You sound more dedicated to the pursuit than I am. Please do not get me can be done. If I were you I think I would be inclined to ship.....put it on the self until you get approval...then fly your heart out. I can assure the list of prohibited areas is not anything that would shock the average mind. I certainly could have lived within it quite comfortable. I say that then I recall riding my mouton motorbike off into the desolated forest of Vietnam. Soon I had the military chasing me down telling me it was a restricted area. But this was long before I knew of the drone situation . And the gov't officials will give you maps of the no fly zones.
BTW SimCitAt declares himself an expert on Austria and is an English expat that moved a
tad South in Europe and now know everything and offers options on anything. So except it for what it is worth. And yes, I know of people flying here illegally. And anyone is free to do that. But please do not abandon your desire to fly. I hope I did not scare you. I could tell you other horror stories of swift judgement for others who BROKE the LAW here. Many here drive w/o drivers licenses. Then they hit and kill someone. They suddenly have a private room with bars. But for most that is not a concern.

I am sorry, I misspoke. One must actually apply through the Ministry of Aviation. The rules come from the MoD.

Just pack it and bring over, yes you need permission officially. Then again I have few friends who fly their drones.. then again They don't have any permissions...

Yeah Waldo your right: … ne-vietnam

Well, that goes without saying.. don't know any country where it would be ok to fly drone near military area.. or airports..

  Yeah bud you got the answers! Can you tell us all, with your insight where all these military areas are? And does it only apply to military areas.  Have fun flying.

Anywhere where soldiers are ;) but seriously.. people fly those here, but with locations you need to be careful.. in city I would not fly them.. would I fly them on Hcm highway..? Sure.. in city center? No..

And sure all drone pilots who I know are Vietnamese....

Thanks that's somewhat reassuring, seriously I wouldn't fly city center but would like to do some pattie and out flying also along coast highway. I really hate the thought of dragging through MOD burscrats one of the very things I'm trying to escape. Thanks very much for info, cheers!

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