Living in Emen

Anybody got any experience of living in Emen or know anybody who does?

hello infomation about living in emen what would you like to know .i have lived in emen for 12 years.if i can help please ask.sylvia

Thank you Sylvia. Are you friends with Bernie?

yes i am.did you go and view her house.have you had any luck in finding what you are looking for.emen is a very old but friendly  village several english families living here with some having holiday homes.if i can help please ask.i will answer if i can.good luck with house hunting.sylvia

Thank you Sylvia! Bernie spoke so kindly of you!! I don't think the house is what I'm looking for - it's very pretty but I'll continue my search - thinking of building from scratch!!

there are several in emen that you could knock down and rebuild again.if you want to know where they are i can find out as not all are advertise at the keeps the prices down .sylvia

I will be in touch!! Have just broken my elbow so all is on hold for the moment!! Thank you Sylvia x

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