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Hi folks,
Can anybody recommend an internet bank
I've applied for an account at La Banque postale only to have it closed down because of (in their words) fraud !
Cant quite work that one out and they won't explain why. Anyway I need a French bank account asap. Any others had this experience ? I do feel like I'm some kind of criminal.


Hi David,

I use ING Direct because it was a brand I already knew in the UK.

On top of that their current account has zero fees, and comes with a gold MasterCard and after a number of years they are still my bank of choice.

One negative is that they don't have any branches anywhere so if you receive a cheque you have to post it, but they also have a free-post address so it's not so bad.

If you use this link you will get 80€ credit just for opening the account - full disclosure, they pay me for referrals also - and all current referrals are really pleased with the service.


this has been the hardest part of being an American trying to go to France.

FINALLY it was approved yesterday through HSBC.

Cool I will check them out.
Regards David

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