About job offer.

Hello everyone. I am Narender from India. I have received job offer from "CARREFOUR".
I would like to know whether it is Fake or not.?
I need your's help.
Can anyone please help me?

Address of the job offering company,

CarrefourSA: En Hesapli Market Alisverisi
CarrefourSA maltepe Park AVM
Cecilia mah, Tugay Yolu cad. No:67 K:2

are you living in Turkey? If they asked you to pay money to get the job then tgey are fake.

Hi, i have an employer in turkey and im living in philippines.
We are preparing our papers to apply working visa..
Do i need to have agency ?


Unless you speak Turkish, I really dont think you will be offered a job in Carrefour since it is a customer relations based work possibly.

I am not living in Turkey. And they do asked me to pay money of 1 lakh INR.

Actually I do not speak Turkish. But they mentioned in offer letter like I will be given training of 3months.And Post offered to me is a CASHIER.
What should I do..?

companies never ask employee to pay money.They are crooks making use of people needs never reply to them and make report on Google to warn other people from being trapped.This happened with my husband ones while searching for work.
good luck

Thank you for your valuable and kind information.

Thank you so much Swimman :)

Fake. it cant be a real offer

Thank you for your replay Ertgrlsvs.

But my agent was telling me that it is genuine offer.
I do not what to do and how to proceed further.
Shall I send you my Offer letter and Visa..?
I was also trying to get connect with Turkey Embassy.

Thanks Ertgrlsvs.


Considering what you have written so far, you are definitely being scammed.

There are countless Turkish people looking for jobs, add to that the Syrian refugees who speak Turkish and are willing to do jobs at a very low rate.

Considering all these people available, why exactly would a company dealing with Turkish clients ask for someone who does not speak the language, invest three months training them and then putting them at a cash counter?

Your travel agent is scamming you.

please am from GHANA but staying in Turkey(Istanbul) and am HOLDING DIPLOMA in Networking ENGENIEERING and am good in repairng system unit .i completed school at Blue crest UNIVERSITY COLLEGE formally known as NIIT.
please can someone help me to get a job..

I got offer from SGF-ENERGY company and the offer is to big  and they advise me to send money on my name for financial support while am waiting for work permit. Anyone can help me regarding this matter.

definetely scam :dumbom:

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