Mui Ne thieving traffic cops

Every single guests says they get stopped and scammed by  thieving cops in Mui Ne. No where else in Vietnam.

Now, they are asking 4-5 million bribe from each foreigner.

Is there any way to report/ stop these corrupt, thieving , crooked Mui Ne cops?

I would say then to **** off politely... 😝

~~you should have record .then report..indeed i have no idea where to report ..

#3 - You could try reporting them to the Province police, as I guess the thieves are only local level police.  A friend did this in Nha Trang and got good results.

Mui Ne cops have been doing this for years, and its not just the low level mafia.

Bribes for what - breaking the law??     Demand a ticket and day in court,  also the cops name & badge number.   You would be surprised at how spineless they really are if feet held to the fire.   I've been stopped in Saigon and Nha Trang, always opt for the Ticket, has never failed.

As someone else said, ask for a ticket to make life difficult for them -- but make sure you immediately remove the key from your bike before they can yank it out, and only present them with photocopies of your registration form and riding licence. I have a second wallet with (photocopies of) my licence, bike registration and insurance papers, and about VND150,000 in cash ("sorry Sir, that's all I have right now"). Haven't had to use it yet over four years, but I hope I'm prepared ;-)

Have a go pro strapped to your helmet. My gf and I always get waved past while other foreigners get fleeced. They don't want to be filmed breaking the law and have it shared all over the Internet

Thanks for that.....

Great idea,  they certainly don't like phones being waved around , but the camera is already there.

Thanks mate.  You've got Yogi thinking......something I should do more of😆

No probs mate. We were in a crash last year on Phu Quoc and the guys that hit us looked petrified of the camera. We were waiting for some kind of trouble to go down but after a few bystanders checking everyone was ok and a Vietnamese man talking to my gf saying we should except responsibilty (all while the little red light flashed away on the gopro) they got on their bike and left. They didn't even approach us, maybe they were drunk I'll never know and I'm just glad we were left with grazed elbows and myself a sore ankle.

The GO PRO is good until you come across a drug crazed nutter that wont back down. Had this happen last week and ended up with a brick to the head just for saying "trời ơi"

My best friend lives in Mui Ne. He says that if you travel the road only between 1130 and 130, you will never see a cop because they are all at lunch

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