Steps to moving to catalunya

Hello everyone!

My girlfriend and I are thinking of moving to Catalonia. She is a dual language teacher and work in the hospitality industry. I have done my research but a lot of the advice that's given is outdated. So I would like to know all the necessary steps before going so I am not surprised by something else I needed to do in order to reside there.

What are the necessary steps to moving? Would it be better if I talked to an agent?

What is job availability like for people in the hospitality industry and teaching?

If you have any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it

Hello, i have a similar issue.

i  am Lebanese and i was doing my masters in Madrid last year but after receiving the diploma, i couldn't sign any job offer because of the work permit and me being a non-European, so i was wondering if the process to move back to Spain and live there is as complicated as everyone says and if you have received any info concerning the process and documents needed.

Thank you,

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