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i am working here in bahrain from 7 months but my employer not giving me complete salary so after some discussions he said to me to give him a resign on the notice of 1 month i give him a resign and and then search for a job and get a job now i completed 1 month and i have signed resignation letter and new company offer letter my employer is now now canceling my visa nor giving me mobility he wants to bound me some time.. what should i do ??? is there is any way to cancel my visa so i can join new company ?

Please speak with LMRA immediately and explain them the situation.

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Keep the copy of resignation letter and your employer's assent on it. Show the same to authorities when you decide to explain.

i am confuse about the process that where can i go for this i should join new company from 16 of august and i don't even know that how can i handle this.. from which branch of LMRA and what is the proccess ??

If you cannot visit, call them. All the needed info is in the below link


i visited to LMRA but they did't gave me any information abput my issue they sent me in different branches i didnt get any information for my issue.. please mention the way i can follow for my issue.. and i am confuse that is there is any way or not ?

Sorry to hear about that, but i dont think anyone else other than LMRA can help you at this moment or you can request your new employer to talk with LMRA, the last option is to approach Ministry of Labor.

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