What is the best season for job hunting

I need to find out when is the best season to find job in Singapore.
Jan - March
April - June
July - Sept
Oct - December

Kindly advise.

The months after Chinese New Year (CNY) are the best time for a job search in  Singapore, because many employees wait with their resignation until after the CNY bonus is paid.

Not sure about your area of expertise, Singapore is one of the TOP 4 Financial Centres in the world (other 3s are London, NY and HK),  most of the financial institutions or banks follow financial calendar year for their variable bonus pay outs ( previous year April to current year March), hence the large number of inflows or outflows takes places post bonus payouts i.e. May to July period. But, these shuffles takes place within Singapore, not necessarily to hire a foreigner. To hire a foreigner it's individual company 's growth prospects and market behaviour.

My are of expertise is in accounting both International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRS) and plan to business analysis

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