i 'm a student in tunisia i want to go to malaysia w finish my studies and to work there .... how can i process please

First step is to identify what course you want to take in Malaysia and prove you have sufficient funds for living expenses. You will be given a student visa. This all happens online and you are not allowed to enter Malaysia until you have processed a Visa with Reference, which immigration will facilitate  While you are a student working full time is not permitted. During semester breaks of longer than 2 weeks, working 20hrs per week is allowed.

To be honest, you need a degree and minimum 2 years relevant work experience to get a work permit in Malaysia.  Not only that, there are not many sectors where foreigners can find jobs, as protectionism is practised. This means if the job can be done by a Malaysian, a foreigner can't be hired. Not only that, a relatively small number of companies have the required structure and paid up capital to recruit foreigners either. They tend to be international concerns. Large local companies are difficult because of the lack of local language skills.

So unless your degree and work experience is in probably the IT sector, I would say there are very limited avenues to find work.

thank you very much i'm a student in engineering shool here in tunisia my specciality is Computer Engineering Systems ....  there are no tunisian students in malaysia ? cause i heard that mlaysia is a very beautiful place to live

I checked on internations and there seem to be a few who joined that group.

so there is no hope ? :(

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