Breaking contract

I am working as a sales man in retail company in Riyadh contract is two years still I am completed 1 year now the problem is iam not feeling well my knee got too much pain I can't doing standing jobs like sales ...i need to take rest and also I fed up with this company I apply for the vacation they are allowed to give me vacation month I will be moving in my area if I am not coming back is there any problem ..somebody says that they will banned me in all GCC countries ..wt will I do ..can you please help me

Hi I am working in Riyadh as cashier in restaurant but I sing only offer letter in india I did not sing any contract paper after coming in saudi now I am completed 1 year m not felling well to work more in this company I want to go exit but my owner say me u have to pay money for remaining 1 year so plz help me any one can tell me how m get exit from hier

How much money did they ask you to pay?

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