Breaking contract

I am working as a sales man in retail company in Riyadh contract is two years still I am completed 1 year now the problem is iam not feeling well my knee got too much pain I can't doing standing jobs like sales ...i need to take rest and also I fed up with this company I apply for the vacation they are allowed to give me vacation month I will be moving in my area if I am not coming back is there any problem ..somebody says that they will banned me in all GCC countries ..wt will I do ..can you please help me

as far as i know if you didn't come back you will be banned for 3 years in KSA, i don't know if it will  effect in another GCC country.
but you can submit your registration if there is not any penalty in your contract or they will refuse, you can notify your employer officially (like email or singe recipe) with your injury from work, and they have to report to social insurance in 3 days, then you will go and make some medical test (free don't worry) and get a report regarding your injury and disability. depending on the report you can submit your resignation and they have to accept it.
if you Resigned from your work without proper cause your will lose your benefits, but you don't had one because you didn't finish your first year.


Hi I am working in Riyadh as cashier in restaurant but I sing only offer letter in india I did not sing any contract paper after coming in saudi now I am completed 1 year m not felling well to work more in this company I want to go exit but my owner say me u have to pay money for remaining 1 year so plz help me any one can tell me how m get exit from hier

How much money did they ask you to pay?

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